· creative sound for visual arts ·

“Air is the canvas where we draw our sounds”

About Nousons

Nousons is the tangible demonstration of a working philosophy which involved a number of professionals united by a common goal when working on projects related to sound for visual arts: prioritize creativity and craftsmanship, understood as the searching of a well done job.

Analog and digital, organic and synthetic, hardware and software, lo-fi and state-of-the-art… the tools are not important to get the sound you’re looking for; the most important is experience, experimentation, interaction, and technique serving ideas.

Whether what is needed is the sound design of an animation, feature, commercial, TV program or video game, or just one of the specialties within the postproduction sound of a visual project (sound design and editing, dialogue editing and cleanup, foley, outdoors effects recording, music composition, mixing…) Nousons will be the perfect instrument between the vision of the visual creative and the final sound.